Who We've Helped

Kenton Morrow is a limited liability corporation located less than 90 minutes from the Chicago Loop in Sawyer, MI. Our consultants have been in the IT business for over 30 years and have been involved in some fascinating turnaround and post-merger integration projects.


Kenton Morrow consultants were brought in to build a program from the ground up to rewrite a medical device software system that manages blood transfusions in US hospitals.  The team was made up of over 60 consultants from 5 different vendors across 3 countries spanning 9 time zones.  Agile development practices, automated software testing, and advanced analytics were introduced to the client over the 3 year project.


Infrastructure, system application, and business process failures were jeopardizing the viability of this logistics company. A complete refresh of the supporting infrastructure along with application stabilization allowed enough breathing room to address business process and human resource issues. Effective vendor management allowed for a decrease in operating costs. The turnaround was finished in time for an acquiring private equity group to utilize these same IT systems to support a merger of multiple logistics companies.


Rescued a large-scale program for a national bank that was off schedule by 9 months and over budget by seven figures. Program goal was to replace or re-engineer all major systems in the bank including deposits, consumer and commercial loan origination, item processing, CRM, call center, teller systems, foreign exchange, treasury, and telephony. This was the first IT project recovery to use a customized methodology specifically created to mitigate cost overages while still delivering on contractual items.


Managed a program for Business Transformation of commercial loans origination and operations for a Top 25 US Bank; rescued an off-schedule, over-budget program and successfully returned the program to proper schedule and budget.


Re-engineered end-to-end business processes for entire life-cycle of commercial loan operations, and implemented systems that delivered more than $8 million in annual savings with significantly lower operational risk, improved customer service, and improved sales opportunities.

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